Concept of MOTOR EXPO 2016 Connect the World … Connect People: Smart Vehicles

Motor Expo 2016

เชื่อมโลก...เชื่อมคน ยานยนต์อัจฉริยะ

1-12 ธันวาคม 2559 IMPACT Challenger 1-3 เมืองทองธานี
December 1-12 2016
IMPACT Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Tahni


The world is moving into a period of major change once again, which is the fourth industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0”.

The concept of ”Industry 4.0” is the application of digital technology and internet in a production plant to connect consumer demand with the production processes, thereby enabling production to better meet market demand while various types of products can be connected with users via a smart phone, notebook or tablet at anytime.

Even though full-fledged "Industry 4.0" has not yet arrived, real examples of 4.0-era products can be found in today’s vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art connection systems.

Today we can use and control various systems in a car simply by voice or a light touch on the screen of a smart front-end screen installed from factory, or instruct via an app on a smartphone that connects with a front-end with CarPlay and ANDROID AUTO – whether to check the current status of the car, lock or unlock the doors remotely, activate theft warning, diagnose a variety of engine malfunctions, etc. Many systems connect not only between cars and people but also between cars and the outside world. A Satellite Navigation System or Satnav and a Global Positioning System or GPS that have to work in conjunction with satellites are obvious examples.

One reason the technology for connecting cars and people with the surroundings has progressed so rapidly is because it is pivotal to the success of an automated car or driverless car, which is the aim of both existing and emerging makers.

The most important feature of a self-driving vehicle is its capability to transport the passengers to a destination accurately and safely, as well as sharing the use of roads with other vehicles without any problems.

A driverless vehicle must therefore be connected and able to communicate efficiently with its passengers, with other cars on the road, along with traffic signals and signals from satellites for precise and rapid computation and instruction.

Through the years, driverless vehicles by various makers have been tested and tried in the real world with success, which means that in the not too distant future we shall have the opportunity of experiencing smart vehicles packed with the most sophisticated technologies that will enable cars, people and the world to connect with one another perfectly.

Thus, to invite makers to exhibit vehicles of today and vehicles of tomorrow equipped with staggering connection systems, and also to welcome the arrival of the age of driverless vehicles and “Industry 4.0” in which digital technology and the internet will play a critical role, we organize “The 33rd Thailand International Motor Expo 2016” under the theme concept "Connect the World ... Connect People: Smart Vehicles”.